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Towson High School

a tradition of excellence

The Towson Generals of LJ
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At last, a community for the Towson Generals of LJ!

  • Are you a current Towson High student?

  • ...a Towson High alumnus?

  • Have you an interest in Towson High School?

  • ...then join our community!

  • No offensive material. Keep things clean!

  • No rumours! They're not exactly offensive to everybody, but can be terribly invasive at times.

  • ...offenders will be warned prior to being banned.

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  • What do you feel about Towson? (in general, the school, etc)

  • You may post anything related to Towson High School or the Towson area.

    Your friendly mods are --
    THE Great General R.E. Lee, calculusdestind
    Annemarie, milislaoch
    And Heidi, uk_nostalgia
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